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Lieutenant Benjamin Westcott, RN
in command of the sloop Fort Diamond: West Indies, 1804


To: Mr. Benjn. Westcott
Mid: of His Majestys Ship
Centaur, hereby appointed
Acting Lieutenant of His
Majesty's Sloop
Fort Diamond
By Samuel Hood Esqr. Commodore
and Commander in Chief of His
Majesty's Ships and Vessels
employed and to be employed
at Barbadoes the Leeward
Islands &c. &c. &c.

The Fort Diamond being put on the Establishment of a Sloop of War:

You are hereby required and directed to repair forthwith on board that Sloop and take upon you the charge and duty of Acting Lieutenant in her accordingly, and be obedient to all such commands as you shall from time to time receive from your Captain or any other your Superior Officer for His Majesty's Service; and for so doing this shall be your Order.

Given on board the Centaur
Diamond, off Martinique
1st. March 1804

By command of the Commodore
Jno S Tracey

Loss of Ship

Blenheim, Carlisle Bay
Barbadoes 20th. July 1804

Saml. Hood Esqr.
Commodore & Commander in Chief &c.


In pursuance of directions from Captain Maurice:

I proceeded with His Majesty's Sloop Fort Diamond to Roseau Bay in the Island of Saint Lucia, for Wood and Water for the Rock, three days had elapsed on this Service, when we were boarded and taken possession of at ½ past 7 OClock P.M. 23d. June, by two French Row Boats, there was little resistance made, most part of the Crew being asleep, and the Arms all below, in Consequence of having no Chest on board to keep them in.

I am, Sir, your most obedient humble Servant

Benjn. Westcott

Court Martial   (full transcript)


At Court Martial
Assembled on Board His Majesty's Ship Galatea
in English Harbour, Antigua
4th Octr. 1804

Captain Henry Heathcote, President

James O Bryen   Kenneth M'Kenzie
J C Woolcombe   Edwd. Woolcombe

The Court Pursuant to an Order from Commodore Hood Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships & Vessels employed and to be employed at Barbadoes the Leeward Islands &c &c &c to Henry Heathcote, Esqr., Captain of His Majesty's Ship Galatea & Senior Officer of His Majesty's Ships and Vessels at Antigua dated the 6th of September 1804. Proceeded to enquire into the Conduct of Acting Lieutt. Benjamin Westcott, the Petty Officers and Men under his Command for suffering His Majesty's late Sloop Fort Diamond to be Captured by the Enemy in Rosseau Bay, Saint Lucia. And having heard the Evidence on the part of the Prosecution and what the Prisoner had to offer in his Defence. And very Maturely and deliberately considered the same are of Opinion that the Charges against Lieutenant Benj. Westcott are proved. And that he falls under the first part of the 10th Article of War. In consequence of which the Court do therefore Adjudge him to be Dismissed His Majesty's Service and rendered incapable of ever serving in The Naval Service of His Majesty His Heirs or Successors and he is therefore hereby dismissed His Majesty's Service accordingly. And nothing appearing against the Crew of the said Sloop, the Court do Adjudge them to be Acquitted and they are hereby Acquitted accordingly.

[Signatures]   HyHeathcoate
KMackenzie   JOBryen
EWoolcombe   JCWoolcombe

By Order of the Court

G B Harrison
Judge Advocate

[on the side] Mr. Kite


«  Lieut. Benjamin Westcott of the Fort Diamond, for suffering that sloop to be captured by the Enemy in Rosseau Bay, St. Lucia; that as he falls under the first part of the 10th. Article of War, he is adjudged to be dismissed from the service, & rendered incapable of ever serving again in the navy; Vide Court Martial 4th. Octr., 1804.  »

Source: Public Record Office, Kew