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Benjamin Westcott IV, Navy Captain (1785--1816)
baptised 19 June 1785, Holborn, London
married 29 May 1810, St. Peter's, Liverpool
died December 1816, Kingston, Jamaica [details needed]

(letter 1804)
(letter 1809)
(marriage bond 1810)
Bio Summary
Holborn 2nd child of Benjamin III & Martha 1785?
Royal Navy servant to his uncle, Captain George B. Westcott 1793
London passed Lieutenant's examination Jun 1803
Martinique fortification of the Diamond Rock Feb 1804
ditto appointed acting Lieutenant Mar 1804
St. Lucia ship captured by French Jun 1804
Antigua court martialled and dismissed Oct 1804
New information has cast doubt on whether this is the same Benjamin Westcott who took the oath of citizenship in 1807 at Charleston, USA.
Dublin captain of ship "Prince of Asturias" Jul 1809
Liverpool married Martha Rowe May 1810
Jamaica report of death at Kingston, Jamaica Dec 1816

Two daughters were baptised at St. Peter's, Liverpool 26 November 1817:
Jane Louise and Mary Ellen