Eleanor Cook
Embroidery Sampler (1855)

Eleanor Cook´s sampler

In keeping with the custom of the period, the young Eleanor Cook practiced her embroidery skills by sewing a sampler. Despite its age, most of the colours are still well preserved.

The central section is a type of family tree: see below for a possible interpretation.

[For another example, see Jane Watson´s 1854 sampler here.]

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3
BW ?
AW ?
AS ?
RC ?
RC Robert Cook, brother
JS ?
RC Robert Cook, grandfather
MC Margaret Martin, grandmother
WS William Spoor, grandfather
CS  Catherine Dunn, grandmother
RC Ralph Cook, father
JC Jane Spoor, mother

Column 4

Column 5
JC Joseph Cook, brother
CJC Catherine Jane Cook, sister
ES ?
MW ?
CS ?
ES ?

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