Buttrum Family
Graves at Old Cemetery, Woodbridge, Suffolk

The Buttrum Family burials are at the bottom of the hollow, close to the pathway, sheltered by mature trees.

stone In loving remembrance of
the beloved husband of
Mary Ann Buttrum,
who entered into rest
8th March 1984,
aged 60 years

"Blessed is the man that trusteth in
the Lord and whose hope the Lord is."

Also of
who entered entered into rest
9th December 1904
aged 82 years

In Loving Remembrance of
Only and beloved daughter of
John and Mary Ann Buttrum
who died 24th November 1876
aged 17 years

"Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty"

Jesus, thy robe of righteousness
My beauty is, my glorious dress:
Midst flaming worlds in this arrayed
With joy shall I lift up my head. /note 1/


[small stone below]

L. B.

stone [Josiah, Henry & Ernest John BUTTRUM, 1879]
stone [George BUTTRUM, 1937]
stone In loving Memory of
the dearly beloved wife of
George Buttrum
who entered into rest
October 17th 1926
aged 53 years

[]lower lines...]

Photographs: VIII-2010
Thanks: Peter Carey

/Note 1/ These lines are from "The Blood and Righteousness" (written 1739) by Count Zinzendorf, a member of the Moravian Church; translated from German into English by John Wesley in 1740 (2 years after his conversion).

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