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Margaret Lott (née Westcott), Honiton, Devon (1755-1827)
Last Will and Testament (1818)

[some paragraph breaks inserted to improve readability; visual emphasis added e.g. Westcott]

I Margaret Lott of Honiton Widow do make and ordain this my last Will and testament

I give to my two daughters Peggy Lott and Mary Carpenter the whole of my Property to be equally divided between them Subject to the regulations hereafter mentioned first taking out of the property three hundred Pounds for my Daughter Peggy Lott for her Sole use that being the Sum that my daughter Mary Carpenter has already received

I also give to my two Daughters Peggy Lott and Mary Carpenter my Share in the Long Annuitys amounting to Forty three Pounds Six & eight pence being a part of One hundred and thirty Pounds Pr. Annum given to my Sister Mary Westcott and my Sister Elizbth. Ford and myself to be equally divided between us as specified by a deed now in Mr. Lotts hands - Margaret Lott

- the above deed which I have mentioned is now in my possession Honiton Decr 8 1818 -

8th day of March 1827

Appeared Personally Mary Westcott of Honition [sic] in the County of Devon Spinster and Edward Lott of the same Place Banker and made oath that they knew and were acquainted with the said Margaret Lott late of Honiton aforesaid Widow deceased (who departed this life on the twenty ninth day of January last past) for some time before and to the time of her death and during such their knowledge of and acquaintance with her have seen her write and also write and Subscribe her name and have by that means become well acquainted with her manner and Character of handwriting and Subscription and having now carefully viewed and perused the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain the last Will and testament of the said deceased which begins thus "I Margaret Lott of Honiton Widow do make and ordain this my last Will and testament" ends thus "to be equally divided between us as specified by a deed now in Mr. Lotts hands" and is thus dated and Subscribed "Honiton Decr 8-1818 Margaret Lott" these Appearers say that they verily and in their consciences believe the whole body series [?] and Contents of the said Will beginning ending dated and Subscribed as aforesaid to be all of the proper handwriting and Subscription of the said Margaret Lott Widow deceased and of no other person or persons whomsoever - Mary Westcott - Edw Lott - The eighth day of March One thousand eight hundred and twenty Seven the said Mary Westcott and Edward Lott were duly Sworn to the truth of this Affidavit by virtue of the Commission hereto annexed Before me Richard Lewis

Commissioner -

On the 21st March 1827 Admon (with the Will annexed) of the Goods Chattels and Credits of Margaret Lott late of Honiton in the County of Devon Widow deceased was granted to Peggy Lott Spinster the Daughter & one of the Residuary Legatees named in the sd. Will having been first Sworn by Commission duly to Administer No Executor./-

Source: Public Record Office, ref. 11/1723