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« Various Views of the Landing and Defeat of the French
on the Island of Jersey, 6th January 1781. No 18 »

Printed & Sold by Bowles and Carver at their Map & Print Warehouse,
Nr 69 in St Pauls Church Yard, London. Published as the Act directs 10 April 1794.

The Governor surprized in Bed The French landing The Governor refused The French General wounded The French Officers delivering the Colours The capital Defeat of the French message

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   The Christmas Piece      

The print measures 470 x 360 mm (18-½ x 14 inches). Its publishers, Bowles & Carver, produced a wide variety of works, and remained in business for many years.

The mid-part of the text bears the title "The Battle is the Lords". At the foot are the words "Mary Ann Westcott / 17 Christmas 97" — presumably the name of the writer and the date.

The upper section of text is as follows:

When Adam rebell'd: all mankind
in him; where fill'd with corruptive
carriage of behaviour one towards
another: shewing itself first in
Cain to Abel; from thence to this
present; in their blood shed desolation

The lower section of text is copied verbatim from "On the Soldier", a poem that appears in Thomas Dilworth's book "A New Guide to the English Tongue", first published in 1761.

Eager the Soldier meets his desp'rate Foe,
With an Intent to give his fatal Blow.
The Cause he fights for, animates him high.
Namely: Religion, and dear Liberty.
For these he conquers, or more bravely dies.
And yields himself: a willing Sacrifice.

   The Author   

The message is formed in a careful hand, It was written by  Mary Ann Westcott (b1783), daughter of Benjamin and Martha Westcott, who was 14 years old in December 1797 and living in Holborn, London.

Thanks: Anne Child, Jill Shefrin