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Letter from Navy Office, 1798

Navy letter

To Mr Benjamin Westcott
Journeyman Carpenter


Sir George Yonge having recommended you to the attention of the Navy Board, and to be employed in one of the King's Dock yards, the Comptroller of the Navy desires you will call at the Navy Office, and inform him of your Qualifications as a workman.

Navy Office
14th nov. 98.

Sir George Yonge belonged to a wealthy Honiton family, and represented the town as Member of Parliament for almost 50 years. His long career in public life included Lord of the Admiralty (1766-70) and Secretary at War (1782-84). At the time of this letter (1798), he was Master of the Mint. Presumably, this letter was a sequel to the death of Benjamin's elder brother, Captain George Blagdon Westcott, just 3 months previously.

Thanks: (historical background) Ian Yonge