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Joseph Campbell Sr. (c1818--1890)
Presentation Snuff Box

Hospital Serjt. Joseph Campbell,
Royal Artillery,
by the Inhabitants of Sheerness,
as a token of respect on leaving
this Station 12th Octr. 1858.

snuffbox inscription


The Sheerness Guardian
November 13th, 1858

ROYAL ARTILLERY.-- The inhabitants of Sheerness in consideration of the high and irreproachable character borne by Hospital sergeant Joseph Campbell, presented him on his removal from this station with an elegantly carved silver snuff box, bearing the following superscription. "Presented to Hospital sergeant Joseph Campbell, Royal Artillery, by the inhabitants of Sheerness, as a token of respect and esteem."  Owing to his premature removal it was not possible to convene a meeting for presenting this testimonial in accordance with their wish, over a convivial glass of "mirth and glee," consequently its receipt was acknowledged by the master tailor of the garrison, Sergeant A. Moore, from Mr. Burrows. It certainly speaks well for Sergeant Campbell, this being the third presentation of the kind he has received during the period he was stationed at Sheerness, viz: five years. The first was a silver tankard, by the non-commissioned officers of Artillery in the Garrison, and the second was by the wives of both non-commissioned officers and men, consisting of a teapot of chaste workmanship. His conduct and philanthropic spirit will long be remembered by the inhabitants of Sheerness and his military comrades, and stands out as a bright example for others to imitate.


(1)  The question remains, "what did he do to gain such high respect?"

(2)  Sergeant Alexander Moore appears in the same 1857 long service medal list as Sergeant Joseph Campbell. Both men served 10 years 6 months at Cape of Good Hope: we may conclude they knew each other well, and probably belonged to the same unit. The list also reports their total length of service, which is similar (Moore 22 years, Campbell 20 years 8 months): they must have been about the same age.