Nicholas Whitfield of Fieldhead, Miner (1732--1798)
Family Gravestone, St. John's Chapel, Co. Durham

Nicholas son
of Nicholas and Jane
Whitfield died March
the 14th 1773 aged 1 year

Jane wife of Nicholas
Whitfield died Septr
the 17th 1774 aged 42 years

Nicholas Whitfield
died November the 10th
1795 aged 6 years

Nicholas Whitfield gravestone

Although his death is apparently not recorded on the headstone, the St. John's Chapel Parish Register states that Nicholas Whitfield died on 12 August 1798 at age 66, and was buried 2 days later.

Source: Transcript of monumental inscriptions for St. John's Chapel, Weardale, no.107, LDS film #0091113 / 1040260