Reverend John Watson D.D. (1832-1913)
Appreciations written by his Colleagues & Friends, circa 1922

Annie Watson invited contributions to her planned biography from people who had known her father personally or professionally. In the introduction, she wrote:-- « Several friends of my Father have sent tributes of affection to his memory. Unfortunately most of his contemporaries have passed away ... It will be noticed that some of the contributions are from people who were still quite young when he was an old man, but as he himself said, "Age is a thing of thought and feeling." There was something in his nature which made its appeal to old and young alike, and he found keen delight in the friendships of life. »

1. Rev. John Bradley 

Rev. Charles Humble
2. Rev. Wilson Eccles

Stella Howchin (Mrs. Walter Parkinson)
3. Rev. T. Elliott

Prof. A. S. Peake
4. Rev. William Gelley

William Proudlock
5. Clement Gerrard 

Rev. Tom Sykes
6. Prof. Walter Howchin