George and Margaret Surtees : Family Sampler
embroidered by their daughter Jane Surtees, 1861

George Surtees Born August 12 1813
Margaret Surtees Born October 3 1813
Richard Surtees Born November 7 1832
Margaret Surtees Born October 8 1836
Roger Surtees Born August 12 1838
Mary Surtees Born April 7 1840
Frances Surtees Born March 25 1842
Jane Surtees Born July 11 1844
George Surtees Born April 23 1846
Phillis Surtees Born June 4 1848
Hannah Surtees Born March 6 1850
Thomas Surtees Born April 12 1852
Ann Surtees Born October 3 1854
John Surtees Born November 11 1856
Joseph Surtees Born October 23 1859
And Died May 20 Aged 7 Months 1860

Jane Surtees Aged 17 1861


Thanks to Wendy Stewart for sharing this important piece of work. She describes it as follows: "The sampler is all embroidered in maroon stitching with a patterned border. It is a ‘Mourning’ or ‘Memorial’ sampler, I think, as the child who died is all sewn in black thread."

NOTE: Having the precise date of birth for George Surtees (the father of this large family) has allowed us to locate the correct names of his parents. As a result, we have been obliged to discard the previous family tree, which erroneously placed his family roots in Acomb, Northumberland. So far, all we can say with assurance is that George's father was called Thomas.