Joseph Spoor Memorial Chapel, Whickham
[built 1871, Primitive Methodist]

chapel from south chapel from west

view north, across Front Street

view east, along Front Street


Thomas Parker, of Newcastle
Construction supervisor

Stephen Spoor, of Whickham
Foundation stone laid

27 June 1871

1871 Trustees: John Charlton, Thomas Lawson, Thomas Wilson, Stephen Spoor, Ralph Cook, Thomas Parker, Matthew Robson, Thomas Gowland, Robert Laidler, Josiah Bruce, George Waters, Robert Adamson Curry and Patrick Jolly.

[memorial plaques to brother and sister, Joseph and Jane Spoor]

Rev. Joseph Spoor plaque
interior, view of altar

Jane Spoor plaque

plaque to Rev. Joseph Spoor

general view inside chapel

plaque to Jane Cook (née Spoor)

Thanks: Kathleen Hodgson
Photos: taken 2002
Historical source: "The Story of Spoor Memorial Methodist Church, Whickham", Edwin Thompson, 1971
Last updated: 17-VII-2003