Primitive Methodist Chapel, Northallerton, Yorkshire
[Rev. Joseph Spoor preached here in 1834]

historical marker old chapel facade

historical plaque

street-side view





-- from the Memoirs of Rev. Joseph Spoor --
... Not only was the theatre at Northallerton closed, it was transformed from a synagogue of Satan to a house of God. The scene of unblushing immoralities and the school of vice became a theatre of God's noblest wonders in the salvation of men, and a school of highest morality. Satan has many a time been defeated, but seldom so completely as he was here — even his house taken from him...

Thanks: Kathleen Hodgson
Photos: taken 2004
Historical source: "The Earnest Preacher", Chapter 4, Rev. E. Hall, 1874
Last updated: 16-IV-2005