Letter from Nellie Parker to her aunt Eleanor Watson

Young Street,

July 1st 1886

Dear Mrs.Watson,

I am staying at Auntie's for a week while Kate is having her holidays and as she is writing I thought that I would write too. They are all well at home. When I wrote last to you I was in the first class at day school but I have got moved into the upper second class. Winifred can talk nicely and she runs all about the place and is a very good girl. She does not sleep with her Mother now but with the servant and I. Harold goes to school and is in the juniors. About a month ago, my Father went to Victoria and a week after he went to Port Germein for a week. Addison goes to school and is in the fifth class and he is trying to get an exhibition so that he can go to Prince Alfred College in Adelaide. We have Band of Hopes Queenstown and sometimes I say recitations and dialogues with a few other little girls about my age. There are a great number of girls in our class and the teacher told me that I was the best reader in the class and my teacher's name is Miss Walker. Auntie and Uncle have gone to Chapel and Annie is sitting by the fire playing with her toys and is very quiet. I hope you are quite well. I think I have told you everything and I must close now with love. From Nellie xxxxx.