The Miles Family of Coventry
major ocupations (19th century)

Our family followed the tides of economic fortune, as they ebbed and flowed across the life of the city. Parish registers and census returns tell us of their participation in two major industries of the period weaving and watchmaking. The following table tells the story. Note that, by 1891, Sam Miles had switched to the more lucrative trade of publican. However, to the end of his days, he kept a small workshop where he would potter about with watches.

1813 Samuel Litchfield
  (father-in-law to Charles Miles)
watch maker

1838 Charles Miles weaver

1843 William Hopkins
  (father-in-law to Sam Miles)

1851  Charles Miles hand loom ribbon weaver
    his wife Sarah weavers harness maker
    his daughter Emily (12) filler of silk
    his son Charles (10) harness maker
William Hopkins hand loom weaver
    his wife Mary hand loom weaver
    his son William (15) hand loom weaver silk

1870 Sam Miles watch maker

1883 Sam Miles watch finisher

1891 Sam Miles licensed victualler
    his daughter Annie (13) spinner silk

(1)  UK national census returns
(2)  Church registers of St. Michael, St. John and Holy Trinity, Coventry

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