Richard Cowie (1881-1936)
Burial Report

The Rugby Observer, circa 24 November 1936


... died Thursday night ... buried Monday ...

The family mourners were: Mrs. Cowie (widow), Miss E. M. Cowie (daughter), Mr. John Cowie (son), Mrs. Short, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Wilson Eccles (sisters) (1), Rev. Wilson Eccles (brother-in-law), Miss Eccles (niece), Rev. & Mrs. William Hughes, Miss M. Hughes, Mr. H. Walmsley (Leeds), Mr. J. Low (2), Mr. and Mrs. P. Viney (Witney) (3).

The late Mr. Cowie's father, Mr. Edward Cowie, who lives at Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was unable to journey to Rugby owing to his great age.

(1) Mrs. Wilson Eccles was not Richard's sister, but rather his sister-in-law Kate née Watson
(2)  Jimmy Low was the boy-friend of E.M.K. Cowie
(3)  Correct spelling of this name is "Viner"