Letter of Robert Cook to his brother-in-law, Rev. John Watson DD

Molineux St

March 7 / 76

Dear John

I have felt for some considerable time a strong desire to lay open my heart to you, and have not been able to do so till now, ever since last Novr. I have been labouring under strong convictions of Sin. God's Holy Spirit has been striving with me, I have been led to see the error of my ways, and to feel that I was a gross Sinner, deserving of death, but praise the "Lord" I have found Mercy through the Blood of Christ, I can now look up with assurance and claim "God" as my Father, Praise the Lord for ever,

the first commencement of this was shortly after the election, I looked in to see one of our opponents in that contest, and he remarked to me that although he had gone against 'Parker' yet he was glad that he was in or elected. on asking his reasons for this he said well "Parker" is a temperance man, and also that he is a Christian and Temple was not, to which I took exception, holding then rather loose views as to what was the basis of Salvation, I held a Christian was one in whom the balance of good work was more than the Bad, I remember well my definition of a Christian, was the man who strives to do right (apart from Christ), but Mr. Bell clearly stated the Bible view of the matter that without Faith in Christ, good works would be of no avail, and also the possibility of a sinner being saved, on this point he was very clear quoting that passage where Christ says Verily Verily I say unto you he that believeth on me, hath everlasting life,

well after a long talk I left him but from that day I began to feel a strong desire to turn to God, I cannot go through all my struggles here, but it ended in my conversion, and now I am striving to serve God, by seeking to know his will concerning me, and asking him for guidance in all things, and now that I have got this pearl of great price, I am praying earnestly for the conversion of "Father" and in this I wish Ellie & you to join me, I firmly believe that God will grant his Holy Spirit to work upon him, to turn him from Sin to the Saviour if we ask in "faith" may the Lord strengthen us to pray earnestly for this,

you will perhaps wonder that I should write thus to you but I am placed in rather a curious position, I have been attending Chapel for some time as a hearer, but my change was not a public one, it took place at the fireside of my own house, and I have not joined society as yet, nor have I been asked, simply because, the change has not been made known, to anyone as yet but yourselves, but to-night I felt a strong feeling of the necessity of my writing to you and confessing the "Saviour" and also to ask for a letter of Spiritual help & direction from you who have been so long on the good way, praying that God may bless you & Nell

I remain
Yours in Christ
R Cook